Monica Bruenjes

Artist, Animator

I'm pleased to introduce you to my original characters & their stories.

Created especially for animation, comics, and children’s book. Contact Me for more information & pitch materials on these creator-owned IPs.

Best friends and polar opposites, Penguin & Peep go on adventures in hopes of having the perfect day together. Penguin loves his home in the zoo, but Peep is always looking for something new.


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In the Alaskan woods behind her house, a relocated CA girl determined to fit in, becomes friends with a magical creature trying to help his no-nonsense neighbors.


A reformed pirate launches a family business selling sweets out of his ship-bakery to anyone with a doubloon to spare, be it pirate, Kingsman, monster, or merman.


A team of timeless heroes as reimagined by Scott Peterson and Monica Bruenjes. Come on adventures with Dorothy, Alice, Wendy, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White, and the Little Mermaid working together like never before!

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